Caravan “Migrant” Claims Trump is ‘Antichrist’ Who is ‘Going to Hell’


Not much of a surprise to see CNN pandering to these migrant invaders, but leave it to them to find one who will say things about Pres Trump no one at the network has the balls to say…

So let us understand this, this man is escaping a corrupt govt which has done nothing to curb violence and end poverty, is risking his life traveling over 2000 miles to illegally enter a country run by a President this guy claims the is the ‘Antichrist’ who is ‘going to Hell’ if he doesn’t repent! Why is he, and anyone else who shares similar feeling about Pres Trump, coming to America? What exactly is his goal once in America run by the Antichrist?!

Think about what he said here before you try to answer that. Trump should repent because these people are not criminals, they ‘are workers and fighters’. Fighters!? These “migrants” are looking for a fight, it’s why 90% of this invasion is composed of men 35 yo and younger… fighter age, just like those who exited the middle east into Europe! [If there are any law enforcement experts out there specifically in gang units, can you weigh in on the gestures he’s making? Are they nothing or gang hand-signs?]

Pres Trump better deploy as many troops as possible to our border to stop this invasion. American Patriots will not tolerate this and they will go to the border to protect the homeland.