Leftists Are Blaming Trump For Mail Bombs Sent to Democrats and CNN


The left and the media have spent most of the day covering explosive devices that were sent to democrat leaders and CNN by an individual or group. As you would expect the finger of blame is being pointed at the Pres Trump over his rhetoric, the level of divisiveness and hostility they claim he has now caused things to escalate to poorly built IED’s being shipped out.


First things first, fmr president’s obama and Clinton were NEVER in danger at anytime. Their mail goes to a sorting facility where it is screened before delivery.

Second, the media spends every waking hour attacking POTUS, demonizing him, his family, staff, admin, the GOP and supporters. They are creating the divide said people are being blamed for what is going on. The left has created the hostile divisive environment we’re in, where when it got quite heated in early 2017 it drove a leftist to try to assassinate GOP leaders practicing baseball. They left has yet to produce videos of the right attacking democrats, harassing them in restaurants, hotels, airports or in front of their homes, where as such footage is readily available of the left. The very targets of these mail bombs are the same people who are calling for unrest, acts of violence and harassment, but you won’t hear anyone in the corrupt media making that connection.

Many like, Fox News’ Juan Williams, like to bring up CANDIDATE Trump’s rhetoric about punching people when he campaigned in 2015 into the 2016 primaries, suggesting he is STILL using said rhetoric, encouraging violence. Challenge them to produce any footage of him saying it since winning the GOP nomination and presidency will be met with attacks that you’re a nazi, fascist, hater, bully and an enabler!

We have no idea who sent these poorly made bombs (this is the concerted opinion of many explosive experts), but the left has already concluded it’s the crazy right-wingers even though the right has no history of such acts. Using bombs is the left’s and anarchists choice of weapons, which has been documented from obama’s pal Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground to many listed here. The fact this happened 13 days before the midterm elections is quite suspicious and while this site is not one to entertain conspiracy theory this looks like one heck of a False Flag attempt. They targeted fmr obama CIA chief John Brennan at CNN, but he is not an employee of CNN, he works for MSNBC. Even the most extreme right-wingers know this! And how about the ISIS flag on the bomb, that makes no sense if it was truly meant to blow up as said image would have been destroyed. This has amateur written all over it, where the bomber(s) probably have the hopes the right will be blamed, voters will side with dems voting the GOP out.

Don’t be surprised when the perpetrator(s) are caught their names are withheld either. The FBI/ DOJ has a history now of keeping the names locked up in order to scrub their social media so when they are made public we can’t find anything out about them!