Maxine Waters Blames Trump’s Rhetoric For Bomb Threats to Dem Leaders


Well isn’t this just rich!? Big mouth Maxine Waters is blaming Pres Trump for the fake pipe bombs being delivered to democrats leaders including herself.

Yes, yes we all know CANDIDATE Trump used some harsh rhetoric in 2015 into the 2016 primaries, but let’s keep in mind the left was hating on him the moment he came down that elevator and announced his candidacy. That hate spilled out onto the streets against his supporters at the time and to this day. But here’s the difference, it was all tough talk it never manifested into anything real unlike the DAILY threats and violence we see from the left against the GOP, conservatives, his admin, staff and family.

Pres Trump is not sending any subliminal messages to his supporters when he trashes the media and his opposition. The right is nowhere even close to being as violent and threatening as the left. There are no clips of Pres Trump saying there will be collateral damage to those who have differing views, he’s not calling for the right to kick dems, to be uncivil, to harass dem leaders and get in their face – that is a fact!

Waters can’t accept that the violent rhetoric she and others use has in fact caused this divide to escalate into potential explosives being sent. I made it clear that to the minds of hardcore leftists, harassment = violence, because they only know “Stop” and “Go” nothing in the middle. Maxine is CYA’ing for throwing gasoline on a fire, it’s no surprise she has the audacity to blame Trump’s rhetoric for threats we’re seeing now from the left.