US Senator Mazie Hirono Wants Kavanaugh INVESTIGATED Over Throwing Ice Allegation From 1985!

Democrats are out of control. Their obstruction-destruction operation against Judge Kavanaugh has no bounds. We have a United States Senator, Mazie Hirono, calling for a man to be heavily investigated by the FBI, who have already done S I X investigations on him, now conducting a supplemental seventh, because he allegedly threw ice.. ICE in a bar in 1985. [Alleged bar fight… throwing ice].

This is not going to end well for the democrats nor the republicans. The dems are over-playing their hand which is pissing off moderate dem voters, over the party now leaning extreme left. The repubs are being the typical pacifists we’ve known them to be, afraid of their own shadow at this point because of the bullying they’ve taken for DECADES from the dems. GOP voters have had enough of their crap too, too many empty promises and caving to the dems leaves them vulnerable to be thrown out too!

This country is a mess, but democrats understand this:

There is NO coming back from what you are doing to Judge Kavanaugh, which is really to get back at Trump, and if you take it to the extreme the voters who put him in office. You can apologize until you’re blue in the face, “oh we’re sorry”, “we went too far”, “we didn’t mean it”, the 63M Americans who didn’t vote for that LYING CORRUPT BITCH know it’s not genuine.

You are going down a path that will lead to conflict and bloodshed. I’m not going through the list again, it’s all documented on this site, the attacks and assaults on the right. You are picking a fight with people who have been buying guns and ammunition at RECORD LEVELS, and PROPERLY training with said weapons since you put that BASTARD in the White House in 2008.

The day is coming when we are going to start pushing back and NONE of you are going to like it. When we hit we hit hard, not like you feminized sissies.