Sen Booker: Move on to Another Nominee, Doesn’t Matter If Kavanaugh is Guilty or Innocent

Spartacus wannabe Cory Booker has apparently grown tired of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. Now that he and the socialists have destroyed a man and his family, as well as Christine Ford, it doesn’t matter if Kavanaugh is “guilty or innocent”, Booker and his cohorts are ready to move on to another candidate….
to destroy.

Democrats have zero intentions of approving anyone Pres Trump nominates for SCOTUS, keeping that SCOTUS seat open! Their master plan is to obstruct, resist and destroy until 2020. They believe they will find a candidate who can beat Trump, where they will confirm a radical judicial activist who issues rulings on their feelings and political beliefs vs the Constitutionality of whatever is presented to the Court!

5 weeks America that’s all you have to stop this insane train democrats have put us on. You can either show up to vote en masse, putting the fear of God in them by giving the GOP a Senate super majority (60), while holding the House, or sit home and watch the dems impeach Trump then Pence, while Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and their vile ilk go back to their destroy America plan barack obama set in motion.