Kavanaugh Accuser’s Ex-Boyfriend Comes Forward, Proving Ford Misled Senate Judiciary Cmte

And the plot thickens! Christine Blasey Ford thought wiping out her social media would protect her, but no. An ex-boyfriend, whose name was redacted, of Ford’s has come forward sending a letter to Fox News’ John Roberts that blows another whole in her questionable allegation that Judge Kavanaugh attempted to sexually assault her.

Here are the FACTS we can deduce from the letter:
First off, Ford’s alleged experience with Kavanaugh apparently wasn’t that bad because she never mentioned it once to her boyfriend at the time. Any woman who has been traumatized, as Ford suggests, by sexual assault remembers it in detail and will share it with those they’re seeing. Yours truly was seeing a young lady many years ago where one of the first things she shared was that she as sexually assaulted. They want this known and out in the open for a myriad of reasons in a potential relationship.

The next thing the letter did was confirm what we learned in the hearing, that Ford is NOT afraid to fly nor fears confined spaces. That was all a game cooked up by her PR and legal team to stall and delay… just in time for Deborah Ramirez’s story to hit the wire, and then Julie Swetnik’s piece of fiction (more on her soon).

The ex’s letter shows that Ford was unfaithful and has the tendency to lie when it suits her. He talks of taking her off a credit card yet she continued to make charges on it, denying she did so only to admit she did make charges after being “threatened to involve fraud prevention”.

But the best thing revealed in the letter was Ford coaching a friend on how to beat an FBI administered polygraph test. Granted the test she took was a joke, fact remains she knows how to beat it!

Now after all of this democrats will continue to support her, #IBelieveHer, even though her story is trash. Ford misled the Senate Judiciary Cmte that she was distraught and so traumatized, but even worse testifying under oath she never spoke with anyone about how to take a polygraph! Being a psychologist she played them!

No, legitimate, reputable district attorney would ever bring this “case” to court, let alone charge Kavanaugh or anyone with a crime.

This is a political hit job to destroy man’s life over the democrat party’s obsession with abortion and judicial activism. They have vowed if they regain majority in the Senate, and House, they will leave the SCOTUS seat open until 2020, where they believe their candidate for POTUS will win and name a radical leftist to the bench. That’s it, that’s the plan – obstruct, resist, destroy.

By all means sit at home election day if you’re okay with this. Let the democrats run the country into the ground picking up where obama left off. Or vote, and get everyone you know who is tired of this circus to the polls delivering an ELECTORAL extermination of the democrat party. Voter turnout for the GOP MUST be greater than it was for Trump in 2016.