Obama Trashes Americans: “Confused, Blind, Shrouded With Hate, Anger, Racism, Mommy Issues”


This guy just can’t help himself from trashing Americans, all that was missing from this rant of his was his infamous ‘bitter, cling to guns and religion‘ comment! Since he took office in ’09 and for the eight years that followed obama attacked our culture, customs, lifestyle, way we live and conduct ourselves going so far as to go on his infamous world apology tour. Two years out from his reign of terror the hits just keep coming because this country chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. He can’t get over the fact his third term through her never happened, while Pres Trump erases his “legacy”, that was based on Executive Orders since he could never get bipartisan Congressional support on his agenda.

That racism problem he suggests, he threw gasoline on it with the help of Eric Holder, other admin officials, media and democrat party members. We were fine, we weren’t perfect but had come a long way since the Rodney King beating and LA riots that people feared had set race relations back again. We grew from it but when this guy came along he sent us 40 years back!

No one has mommy issues either. Since we’re on the topic let’s talk about obama’s daddy issues! WHO is his father? He looks nothing like Barack Obama Sr. On the other hand he does look like Frank Marshall Davis, whom we know his mother knew😉! Maybe if this guy grew up in a stable home he wouldn’t have turned out to be so divisive, and at times hateful hidden behind the veil of social justice or whatever cause he was pushing.

You would think after the democrat candidates he backed that lost in the midterms he would get the answer people are tired of him. The guy just doesn’t get the hint, people don’t like him. Sure the elitists and obama phone recipients will always treat him like the messiah but those who voted for him wised up over the eight years he terrorized this country to end up voting for Trump!!