Big Far-Left Money Behind Migrant Invasion


It’s no secret big far-left money is behind the “migrant” caravan invasion the media is denying even exists. Most people paying attention to this coming invasion, proof or not, know the don George Soros is helping bankroll it. Bill O’Reilly is one of a few who is actually nailing down and identifying the far-left groups who are getting the money, funding the invasion…

Soros has gotten quite creative with how he funnels money to shell groups like La Familia Latina Unida through vs directly from his Open Societies Foundation. Why the cloak and dagger act? Soros actually thinks people are stupid and won’t dig deep enough to see he is the one funding these groups who are actively working to destroy US immigration policy, as Anna Paulina, the Director of Hispanic Engagement at Turning Point USA explains.

Who doesn’t think this guy is a real life version of a James Bond villain at this point!? The open borders globalists are willing to use anyone including people down and out to do their dirty work. They don’t care what will happen to those participating with the coming invasion. The idea is to get them in the US to change demographics which will result in redistricting where new Representatives will be added at the state and federal level (preferably democrat) to eventually lead to one party rule. In other words Soros and the globalists want to do to the US what they’ve done with their lab experiment California. The state is overrun with illegals, the states demographics and districts etc have been radically changed creating a one party ruled state. And after this past election, because of the mini-invasion to CA, long-term Congressional republican seats have been flipped to democrats!

We not only have to stop the invasion at the border, but also deal with Soros and whoever else is funding this systematic destruction of the US.