College Students Say Thanksgiving is Racist


Here we have the future leaders of America, at the University of Oregon, demonstrating how they are completely clueless and brainwashed by their liberal professors. According to these impressionable, delusional dolts, racism was the driving force behind taking land from “native”** Americans in the white mans quest for Colonial Imperialism via genocide. So of course they think celebrating Thanksgiving is racist holiday, where we should instead be giving to “native” Americans…

There is no doubt no one professor in any major university is telling the truth, but instead filling the minds of youth with this anti-American, we’re all racists, Colonial Imperialism nonsense!

Odds are most have never heard this story about Thanksgiving and won’t because of the messenger and it destroys the lefts narrative

If your kids come home speaking like these dolts vs demonstrating knowledge of true history like that from the Rush clip, just understand you’re paying for they’re brainwashing. You might want to rethink why they’re going to college vs spending the money to help them start their own business or going to a trade school. Your kids in this day and age should only be in college for a career that truly requires a higher education; ie Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Engineer/ Sciences, Educator and the like.

Colleges and universities are nothing but liberal indoctrination camps. The entire “you need a college education” is by far the biggest scam ever pulled on people. Some of the most successful people in the world never graduated college, they went after what they wanted and educated themselves!

** For the record “native” Americans ARE NOT native to North America (USA)! There are NO human fossils/ artifacts dating back beyond 13-20K yrs ago (some scientists will argue 35K yrs ago) let alone anything dating back 1-2M yrs ago. For all intents and purposes those who claim they are “native” American are in fact descendants of MIGRANTS, who came to America just like anyone else! Most scientists agree “native” Americans origins are Eurasian/Asian/Siberian as well as South American! Man did not rise from the ground we know as the United States, whether you believe in creationism or evolution it never happened.

“Native” Americans have no more rights to this “land” than anyone else who set up camp. They ARE NOT indigenous to America. So when you hear these dolts say their land, suggesting it was theirs before birth, was stolen by the white man it’s not entirely true. Honestly, they were conquered just like any other people by those who were far more developed/ advanced.

Got it?!


There is Z E R O fossil evidence of a hominid relative, let alone homosapien, ever existing in north America. There’s PLENTY of research at ANY major university (liberal) showing those who think otherwise are living in denial. If these people were to take a real DNA test, not the ones advertised on tv, the results will point their DNA ancestry to Asia (ie Siberia and again parts of South America) for the most part.

These stories came up first in a web search… point is scientists… LIBERAL scientists (remember their science is always right) all agree “native” Americans are not native to what is now known as the United States.

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