CNN’s Camerota Defends Linda Sarsour: She ‘Sounds Contrite’


Alisyn Camerota will never cease to deliver the true radical leftist, “yes girl”, she is at CNN, ever since getting the boot from Fox News. The failed Fox Host like clockwork ran to the defense of Linda Sarsour, who is the last person anyone should be running to following the founder of the Women’s March calling for Sarsour and other co-chairs to step down. Frankly as you will see in this clip, Teresa Shook did a piss poor job explaining why she called for the co-chairs to resign. Here’s what Shook should have said: In a nutshell, Linda is an anti-Semite of the highest order who stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Louis Farrakhan, she’s a racist, bigot, and a homophobe who wants America under sharia law… she’s dangerous.

Time after time CNN hosts come to the aid of some of the most vile divisive people. If Camerota isn’t defending an anti-Semite like Sarsour, Don Lemon is giving cover to antifa, or other hosts from Blitzer, Cuomo to Tapper are lending aid to whoever the trouble-maker of th day is

This network, its “anchors” and other personalities (ie Acosta) do not produce news. They are political activists, producing propaganda on behalf of the democrat party to attack the President, GOP, conservatives and their supporters.