The Coming Invasion: Honduran “Migrant” Vows 20,000 Will ‘March’ Across Border


The left is adamant the “migrant” caravan was just a political stunt, that there is no invasion coming. The media, dems, fmr pres obama and co might want to send some actual journalists down to the border, to Tijuana, where the “migrants” (aka illegal aliens the Mexicans don’t want either) have set up camp waiting for reinforcements (20,000 more “migrants” on the way) to more or less storm the US border!

The Epoch Times actually did some investigative journalism and spoke with some migrants as to what their intentions are, including 26-year-old Honduran Marco Gómez, who told ET,  

“‘We’ll stay together and be strong, and then move on to the U.S.,’ he said. “Peacefully, like people going from one country to another. Marching.’

He said they plan to enter through the vehicle lanes at San Ysidro, because ‘it’s more spacious.’

Gómez, who said he was a construction worker in Honduras, said he is not sure if he will apply for asylum.

‘It’s a waste of time. It’s a process that takes months and years—it’s a long time.’”

When you have a large mass of people from one country who are planning to enter another country ILLEGALLY, violating its sovereignty, to more or less storm the border as they proudly carry the flag of their nation of origin that IS an invasion. For those who believe otherwise, please tell us what do you call it “people going from one country to another. Marching?

NO ONE cares how many times Shepard Smith goes on Fox News saying it’s not an invasion, that every liberal rag and DNC controlled network airs all day long. These people DO NOT have a right to enter the US violating our laws because doing it the right way is “a waste of time. It’s a process that takes months and years—it’s a long time.”

When it comes to protecting the homeland the police have rules. The border patrol has rules. The US military has rules…. The American people DO NOT have rules to follow when it comes to protecting the homeland. If these ILLEGAL ALIENS think the American people will just stand by will they march through they better think twice. We’ve had enough, we’ll do what law enforcement and the govt won’t do.. as peaceful as possible.

To those who want an open border how many of these “migrants” are you going to put up in your home, providing them with food, medical care, education, spending money before you expect the American people to do so? You FIRST!