Mexicans Protest Caravan: “Trump is Right, It’s an Invasion”, Chant “Get Out”


The migrant caravan, lets call it what it really is – illegal alien invasion, who have set up camp in Tijuana Mexico are not being welcomed with open arms as the left would have you believe. Tijuana is facing a reported 43% unemployment rate, have limited resources and are incapable of caring for the wave of illegal aliens flooding in with the hopes of entering the US. The Mexican people are so fed they’ve been holding protests that have gotten physical at times. The proud Mexican NATIONALISTS protesting the “caravan” began chanting “Get out Hondurans, we don’t want you here”, following a speaker who said “Trump is right, it’s an invasion”.

As a white American who has been demonized by the American media, democrat party and leftists coast-to-coast, as well as internationally from judgmental nations who have been overrun themselves, I have to ask:
Are the citizens of Tijuana Mexico racists and bigots now too!?

Why are they being so inhumane and not accepting of these people in their country who entered ILLEGALLY who just want a better life? Look at them all those women…. MEN, who are just looking to escape violence and persecution… well not really as many were questioned directly why and they said they want into the US to make money.

Newsflash a shitty economy is not grounds for one to seek asylum. The fact the majority of these people ignored Mexico’s offer of jobs, education, healthcare and more importantly asylum dismisses their claims to get into the US.

Every single concern these Mexicans have are the same exact ones Americans have been ranting about for years, even decades, but we are deemed racists and bigots! The Mexican people get it like Americans yet leftists on both sides of the border want to ignore the truth the country was in fact invaded as these illegals prepare to storm the US border. Those behind the scenes are using these people to advance their agenda for open borders regardless of the chaos that will ensue.