CNN Political Analyst: ALL Trump Voters… WHITE PEOPLE Are Racist


Ever since getting the boot from Fox News and running to CNN, Kirsten Powers has let out her true hateful, despicable, progressive (aka communist) self shine through.

First off someone needs to sit this leftist MONSTER down in front of a mirror and explain to her she is white as white new fallen snow. Maybe someone did, or in a piss poor attempt to CYA, Powers took to Twitter to “explain” herself… really to dig a deeper hole as she included ALL white people not just Trump supporters in her racist statement:

So Kirsten, lets talk about YOUR white privilege. Since you said your hateful rant includes yourself, you of all people should set the tone! Give up everything you have to a minority. Give up the nice 6 figure commentator job as a “political analyst”, lose the nice home, car and whatever you have as a result of your white privilege to minorities BEFORE you expect others to repent for being born white; as if they have any control over it.

Vile WHITE leftists, like Powers, have sent race relations in this country back 40 years. We had no problem until that JERK race hustler barack obama came around, and they demonized anyone who was not goose-stepping in support of that closet marxist. And let’s be clear about him, obama IS NOT the first black president. He is the first mixed race president. To call him black ignoring the fact a white woman gave birth to him and raised barry with her WHITE parents, is RACIST!

Powers is as racist as one can be attacking people for voting a certain way claiming it’s over race. Back to obama, there’s no way he could have been elected TWICE without white people casting votes for him, many who are in hiding over voting for Trump! That in itself proves Powers’ rant is bullshit, pulling the race card is what all hateful leftists do when they can’t defend their position.