Migrant Invaders Trying to Enter the US Clash With Local Mexicans


Call it karma, poetic justice or complete hypocrisy, but from an Americana’s point of view to see Mexicans throwing a fit, protesting and clashing with people in the “migrant” caravan is quite entertaining. What the Tijuana residents fail to realize, or are deliberately ignoring, is that they are dealing with illegal aliens. They are now experiencing what Americans have been dealing with for decades and you don’t see the media condemning them do you!?


Could you imagine how the media would be treating the people of Tijuana if they were white protesting and clashing with the “migrants!? They would be demonized, called racists etc. One Tijuana native even addresses the very issue of race that it has nothing to do with it, where the citizens concerns are over economic impact, overcrowding and security! Sound familiar!?!

For those unaware the Mexican govt is literally escorting these invaders through the country to the border showing they don’t care about Mexican citizens, let alone Americans. At least the US govt sent troops to the border to thwart the invaders doing what they can to beef it up supporting the border patrol. This tension is the result of just a few hundred showing up, wait until more and more bus and truck loads of illegals show up, you can be sure there is going to be a conflict of some sort on the border. Either between the US and Mexico or more likely Mexican people and the invaders!

Regardless if how it goes down there is NO WAY these people can enter the US. If American citizens have to stand shoulder to shoulder with our troops and border patrol we’re prepared to do it. But don;t forget one key issue, aside from the help the “migrants” are getting down south, DEMOCRATS have created the atmosphere and idea these illegals can just stroll right into the US. Maybe some of you will remember that in 2020, since it didn’t have much of an affect Nov 6th.