First Wave of Migrant Invasion Reaches US-Mexican Border, Taunt Border Patrol


The caravan that would never get here, was just a political stunt is here as the first wave of “migrants” arrived in Tijuana. The future undocumented democrat party voters headed right to and climbed the border fence, at the International Friendship Park San Diego, to taunt the Border Patrol. It should be noted the majority of these “migrants” (apprx 90%+) are all men, unlike the leftist media claiming it was mostly women and children.


These are not asylum seekers because if they were they would have taken the Mexican govt’s offer, that included jobs, food, shelter and education. These “migrants” think the American people are waiting with open arms while we still have a serious homeless problem especially among our veterans. We need to take care of our own, start enforcing the immigration laws on the books and STOP pandering to foreigners which only creates a magnet for these people to come to American REFUSING to assimilate!

To Shepard Smith and the rest of the corrupt leftist media, this is not a joke, or a stunt. Your precious “migrants” are here and the question this site has, that EVERY single sane American should be asking bleeding heart liberals is this:
How many of these migrants/ illegal aliens you want the border left open to, are YOU going to put up in your own home? Hm!? How many of these poor unfortunate people, who are NOT the best coming from their nation of origin, will you be putting a roof over their head, feeding, clothing, educating, giving spending money and providing free healthcare BEFORE YOU ASK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO DO SO!?

Until Smith, ALL of CNN, MSNBC, Hollywood et al answer these questions NOT ONE American should be expected to give in to this coming invasion and just accept it. Leftists want America’s border open and want to allow people we have no idea who they are to set up camp in our “yard”! Isn’t that just like the left, they demand something but it never applies to them!?

The buses funded by God only knows who continue to arrive, there will soon be conflict on our border. Patriotic Americans need to stand firm against this invasion and not give in to the pressure from the hate and divisive rhetoric the left will use to shame us as well as our troops and border agents. We cannot give an inch on this as it will set a dangerous precedent.