The Truth About the Caravan


Those of you at MSNBC and especially CNN this is what real journalism is, not your fanfare and pom-pom cheering to see the US overthrown via foreign invaders.

The media swears up and down the “migrant caravan” is composed of women and children, and some men, who are asylum seekers escaping violence. As you will see in this video that’s the farthest from the truth, as this invasion (more on that in a second) is composed mostly of young working age men who want to illegally enter the US, or get in under a lie of being an asylum seeker to find work. That money they make won’t stay in the US it will be sent right back to wherever they come from.

There is nothing organic or spontaneous about this caravan as it is the product of open border group People Without Borders, who is getting help from the Mexican govt, and the UN! The logistics behind moving this group, providing medicine and just feeding them is huge. Someone (we have a good idea who) is spending an enormous amount of money to violate America’s sovereignty and upend our economic system. The organization, migrants defiance (some who think we’re racists) to enter the US no matter what while they violate our laws to take jobs and money is an invasion. Dems think otherwise then tell us what you call it when people vow to forcefully enter a nation, waving the flag of their nation?

FYI: While things look good on the surface for America, the economy remains on life support as the debt continues to climb, people are still living paycheck to paycheck.

“There are leftist organizations that are using these migrants as a tool to push a certain political agenda, which includes the weakening of American sovereignty and our border security, and unfortunately these migrants are going to be caught in the crossfire.”

Couldn’t have said it any better. The democrats DO NOT care about these people. They are using them to destroy America as we know it. These illegals get into the US they help change the demographics and more importantly affect the Census, which means new Representatives are added to Congress, theoretically in areas dems will win. The end result is doing to the US what was done to California, now under complete and total one party rule. Stop thinking short-term America, because the democrats are playing the long game. They’re hoping to wear you down until one day you wake after an election to learn the few remaining republicans have been beaten! When that happens America is over.