Avis Employee Finds “Provisional Ballot Box” Left in Back of Rental at Ft Lauderdale Airport (VIDEO)


Fort Lauderdale Police responded to call about a suspicious package at an Avis car rental agency at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport. What some would assume would be a possible explosive device, following the pipe bomber, turned out to be a box labeled “provisional ballot box” along with election signs!

Has anyone seen this kind of corruption behind an election?
Yes, there is election tampering.
NO, it’s not being committed by the Russians or anyone connected to the Trump admin/ campaign.
It’s abundantly clear the democrats are boldly trying to steal this election in broad daylight! Why not, nothing ever happens to them when they break the law. The Broward Cty Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes was busted for shenanigans in 2016 and it didn’t even phase her to do it again now. This is what happens when the GOP does nothing, they have elections stolen while they just stand there waving their finger and filing lawsuits that go nowhere.

If the govt doesn’t take control of the mess going on in Broward, Palm Beach Counties as well as in Georgia, Arizona and wherever else the dems are “finding” ballot boxes someone is eventually going to get hurt. All the hate, division, acts of violence, intimidation and now corruption is going to trigger some unhinged psychopath. Don’t say it can’t happen because it already has in Alexandria with smaller examples since.