Rep Gaetz Catches Workers ‘Secretly Loading Stuff In/Out of Broward Supervisors Office’


Broward County is completely out of control at this point as they have violated elections laws, court orders and disenfranchised voters. Rep Matt Gaetz has been vocal over the corruption circling the election and caught workers ‘secretly loading stuff in/out of Broward Supervisors office’, before being removed by police!

The democrats in Broward Cty aren’t even trying to hide their corruption. None of them see a problem at all with boxes of ballots being found, others not even being counted, or vehicles offloading ballots to a truck in the middle of the night..

Not one eyebrow is raised over how all the ballots that conveniently show up have helped the democrat candidate(s).

Democrats will get away with these acts of corruption because the GOP always cowers to their threats.
What you’re seeing is what happens in a Banana Republic. Those GOP/ conservative voters who sat home Nov 6th, are you happy now? This wouldn’t have happened if people took warnings of complacency seriously and got out to vote, this is as much those who sat home instead of voting as those “finding” ballots.

Update 11/10/18: A recount has been ordered, but the same people engaged in the shenanigans will be running it! No confidence the results will be fair machine count or not.