The View Defends Acosta, Argues WH Intern Committed Battery and Should Be Arrested


MicGate rolls on as the democrat media defends political activist Jim Acosta for being defiant and belligerent to Pres Trump. The View, more specifically “attorney” Sunny Hostin, took this fiasco to a new level blaming the WH intern, arguing she committed battery against Acosta when she attempted to take the mic away from him and should be arrested!

When the President of the United States tells you “enough, put the mic down and be quiet” you do it. But not Jim Acosta, no no, as Meghan McCain argues, he always has to be the center piece of a story. That intern was doing her job, regardless of what Hostin says and you can find plenty of attorneys who will disagree with her. It’s absolutely absurd to suggest she committed battery on this confrontational monster who does not do news. While yours truly is no fan of the McCain family, Meghan has it right saying “well hey let’s go arrest the intern”. This is similar to what Dana Loesch and yours truly does to leftists calling NRA members terrorists, where we direct them to report us to the police and FBI. If you feel that strongly then call the cops, press charges don’t rant on air injecting yourself into the story for clicks and views to boost your ad revenue!

Call the left out on their crazy claims and accusations. Who wouldn’t love to see this clown Acosta go to court over this? This site has been preaching for years to take the gloves off and give the left a dose of their own medicine. The days of being nice, diplomatic and taking a bloody nose because of some high moral pedestal the right sits on are over. The left HATES YOU, they have no interest in debate, or agreeing to disagree. Either you submit and comply with them or else! Sound familiar? It should as ideologically they’re no different from radical islamists!

Start fighting back America.