CNN’s Acosta Tries to Bully Pres Trump, Gets Physical With WH Female Staffer


Jim Acosta has Z E R O business being among the White House Press Corps. This fiery exchange between him and the President of the United States epitomizes everything that is wrong with the media. The contempt they all have for Trump was on clear display in this battle as well as others during this presser. Furthermore, and what should be a great concern, is Acosta’s willingness to get physical with White House female staffer after he was directly told to put the mic down, but wanted to grandstand for the cameras.

This man is NOT a journalist, he, like his network, is a political activist working hand-in-hand with the democrat party. Acosta is also a bully, who rudely pushes and demands answers, standing on some righteous pedestal as if he represents the people while playing the poor me card. This man is a disgrace who actively engages in harassment of the President, his staff, and now gets into physical altercations with women on LIVE national tv! The President rightfully said Acosta is a “rude terrible person” and all of the country got to see exactly why.

Yes Jim, CNN and the rest of you, the FAKE NEWS you churn out day after day makes you the enemy of the people.

No, no interest in even addressing any of his stupid questions.