Tom Steyer Says Trump ‘Must Be Impeached’ For Climate Change Stance

Climate change advocates like Tom Steyer are a cult who are willing to destroy the economy and the country over their obsession with a theory that has been shot down and disproved by honest scientists countless times. This radical leftist who has been calling for the President of the United States to be impeached since day one has added climate change to his list of complaints over Trump’s opinion, based on fact, of climate change.

It’s no surprise radical leftists like Steyer and CA Gov Brown would use the California wildfires to push their ridiculous theories front and center – after all like Rahm Emanuel said, “never let a good crisis go to waste”. The problem with their argument about the CA wildfires is the state REFUSED to take preventive measures to remove dead trees, brush and over-growth that have now become a massive supply of fuel for the wildfires! They’re just deflecting their failure to protect the state on Trump and anyone else who points out the left refused to take proper steps of forest conservation. They care more about some bug and a bird’s nest on a dead tree than the homes going up in flames and lives lost. 

Keep in mind according to Al Gore, and the kook scientists he based his wild theories on Steyer, Brown and co espouse to, parts of Florida, New York and other coastal cities should be under water right now. The ice caps should be gone and the polar bears extinct…

Steyer’s rant is what we’re going to have to listen to by countless leftists for the next two years no thanks to republican voters being in a state of complacency and not voting Nov 6th. If you sat home and didn’t vote for the GOP this nonsense we’re going to have to endure from Steyer and co is your fault!