Hundreds of Migrants Try to Storm US Border Port of Entry


The “migrant” invasion Shepard Smith, barack obama, democrats, all of CNN and the democrat party controlled media said wasn’t going to happen, that it is just a political stunt, is happening! Thousands of migrants illegal aliens are staging in Tijuana where several hundred attempted to storm the border. Mexican Federal Police, for now, have held them back where entry on the US and Mexican sides of the port have now been closed.


It has been reported today’s “protest” is over the Trump admins position on asylum, that it will take too long… or is it because they really don’t have a claim!?

These illegal aliens want to force their way into the US. They are demonstrating AGAIN they have no respect for our laws and sovereignty. They think they have a right to enter the US because the economy in their nations of origin is shit. Economic disparity is not sufficient cause to grant asylum, they know this and is why they will rush the border en masse when the thousands on their way reach the border. This is a direct attempt to crash the US border and immigration system.

If the claims for asylum were legit these people would have taken up Mexico’s offer for jobs, education, housing etc AND granting of asylum! They are just coming here to take jobs away from Americans. There are still many Americans (incl yours truly) out of work, regardless what the media, even the admin claims. These illegal aliens want to come here make money and ship it back to their nation of origin, the money is not staying in the US, which will hurt our economy!

This is just a test run for something much larger, big far-left money is running. This is an operation to change America, destroy it from within, the left has been working on for years but had to change their plans Nov 9th 2016 when they woke up realizing Hillary Clinton was not President.

The left needs to understand the American people will not allow this country to be overrun by the worst of the worst – let’s be honest the best of the best from foreign lands come here LEGALLY. If need be American Patriots will take to the border to stop this invasion, since WE KNOW the police, border patrol and military have rules WE DON’T.