Dem Sen Cardin: Trump’s Policies “Causing” Illegal Immigrants to Break the Law


Dem Sen Ben Cardin appeared on the DNC’s propaganda network, CNN, to respond to the illegal immigrant invasion, the left denies is taking place, at the border putting the blame on Pres Trump! In what can only be called pure insanity, Cardin says Trump is “causing” illegals to break the law…


“The Trump policies has caused the anxiety at the border. There is an orderly process that should have been used. Should we fix our immigration system absolutely, but this administration’s made no effort to fix our immigration system.”

It was slightly surprising to hear CNN anchor CNN’s John Berman challenge Cardin on this claim that the US’ policies are causing people to come here. A poor economy, corrupt run govt is not grounds for people to seek asylum, making demands, being belligerent, and borderline violent. They chose to break our laws, no one made them do it – in effect they think they’re entitled to getting into the US unchallenged. Getting gassed AFTER throwing rocks and concrete at border agents for attempting to illegally enter our sovereign nation is not a crime either, let alone justification to be violent and defiant.

Now did you pay attention to Cardin’s open? He claims spending $28B on a wall will do nothing to stop illegal immigration, per the “experts” the dems have consulted. Who? Who are these experts? Were they actual border patrol agents and others working on the border, OR “experts” in academia and activism!? From a taxpayers perspective spending $28B on a wall actual border agents say will help is getting off cheap compared to the $100B the US spends on illegals… we’ll be saving money once this thing is built.

Fact of the matter is democrats WANT illegals in the US, because they change the demographics opening the door for redistricting that produces more representatives at the state and federal level. The dems want to do the US what they did to CA, and a few other states overrun with illegals, because it results in one party rule. That is all this about, power control and money.