Teacher Evacuates Classroom Over Student Wearing MAGA Hat


The abuse coming from the left against conservatives is completely out of control. We’ve seen Big Tech (Twitter, facebook, Google) do their part to censor and demonize conservatives, along with the media who have piled on the false narrative conservatives are nazis and fascists. As a result of this HATE coming from the left conservatives now have to fear for their safety in public, many refrain from expressing their political beliefs publicly whether in speech or wearing clothing that goes against liberal ideology, be it pro=Second Amendment and Trump.

It’s gotten so bad students now have to live in fear of being treated like terrorists by their liberal progressive educators. Here we have a student who is bravely wearing a MAGA hat in class who is being berated by his teacher and called an asshole!


Wanna know why your kids can’t write in cursive writing or don’t know when the Declaration of Independence was signed? It’s because educators like this are too busy focusing on nonsense over a hat/ motto they think is based on a false narrative and their political agenda to brainwash youth vs actually educating kids today. It’s never going to stop, as liberal progressivism is spreading in this country like a virus.

If you are so triggered by a hat, motto, or someones opinion (words) you vehemently disagree with, you have much bigger problems.