Dem Sen Hirono: Dem Party Trouble Connecting With Voters Because We’re Smarter


If you ever needed a shining example of the elitism and superiority complex elected leaders, especially democrats, hold look no further than this clip of Sen Mazie Hirono. Using the example of an open SCOTUS seat, that apparently wasn’t enough to motivate voters, she was asked what has to be done to get through to voters to keep the party in power. Hirono explained the democrat party has a problem connecting with voters because of “how smart we are” and they have to better learn hot to appeal to emotion that will resonate in stupid voters brains to take action.

High progressive GOP leaders think the same way, both sides think they’re smarter than the people. They’ll continue to screw us over until we dumb-dumbs wise up and vote every single one of them out of office putting people in whose first order of business will be creating Term Limit Amendment!