Illegal Border Crossings on the Rise Following Influx of Migrant Caravan

It should be no surprise that illegal border crossings have increased no thanks to the “migrant” caravan. The organizers of the caravan KNEW this would happen as the focus would be on the caravan taking eyes off those illegally entering the US in other locations. Their long-term goal is an open border, but to get there you must overwhelm the target nation, forcing change by collapsing its immigration system while changing its demographics.

How do we know this is true? California is a shining example of what happens when a border state is overrun with illegal aliens. CA’s demographics have been changed, which has changed its electorate, producing a state under one party rule (democrat) who have created a sanctuary state! This site has warned repeatedly CA is the testing grounds for what the left wants to do to the entire nation. Like it or not, what goes for CA eventually goes for the entire nation, democrats and leftists know this, thus why they stick to their guns no matter the shortcomings.

Listen to some of these people in the clip, they clearly couldn’t careless about violating our laws, let alone Mexico’s! They claim they’re escaping corrupt govt looking for a better life, yet think it’s okay to come here and violate our laws.

There is only one solution to this problem – building a border wall, boosting border security and enforcing the laws on the books punishing those who enable illegal immigration (politicians to large corporations). Until we see Americans, leaders in govt to industry, and those in between going to jail for breaking our laws nothing is going to change.