Pelosi Supports Border Fence, NOT a Wall Because It’s “Immoral, Ineffective, Expensive”


Nancy Pelosi held a press conference and was asked about adding money to the continuing resolution bill (CR) for border security, which included funds to build the wall. She of course supports a border FENCE not a wall because “a wall is immoral, ineffective, expensive”. And let’s be honest a fence is much easier for illegal aliens to climb over, squeeze through or go under than a 30ft wall!

Pelosi has in fact made it clear border security is the last thing on democrats to do list. We have a border fence right now that is proven to be completely ineffective, literally right now as illegal border crossings have risen due to the “migrant” caravan.

By the way if you paid close attention, as the future Speaker of the House talked about the responsibility to protect the borders, you just got an education in geography. According to the woman who will most likely be third in line for the presidency the US has “3 coasts – North, South and West”!

…… elections have consequences, those GOP voters who spitefully sat home instead of getting out to vote you own her!