Pelosi, Schumer Go Off on Pres Trump in Fiery Press Conference


The sky is falling, the sky is falling, it’s the end of the world, life as we know it over!! Wow could the two leaders of the democrat party be any more dramatic over the continuing resolution funding bill and the Trump admin?

LAST March Pres Trump made it clear he would not be pressured into signing another funding bill, pointing out democrats balked on AMNESTY for DACA because they didn’t want border security funding included.

We knew a year ago this fight would be coming again and that he would stick to his guns on getting the funding to build the wall. Pelosi and Schumer can cry all they want about their alleged bipartisan bill, it did not have what POTUS is asking for in it, period! The American people WANT the border secured and support POTUS shutting the govt down on this issue regardless of what these two radical progressives have to say. Just so we’re all on the same page and it’s clear as day. The govt will be shutting down Dec 21st regardless of this spending bill, it’s a Friday, the govt always closes on Fridays. The govt is also ALWAYS CLOSED during Christmas/ New Years break!! If people would just understand this it wouldn’t seem so bad. The media are to blame for people not knowing this, instead pushing scare tactics of the left, “people aren’t going to get paid during Christmas” YES THEY WILL. All essential offices and programs are funded, couple parks and other public venues won’t be open, that’s okay we’ll live because we lived through many shutdowns.

What everyone needs to do is relax and not fall for the theatrics from Pelosi, Schumer and the democrat party controlled media.

The market is tanking because investors panic if a hair is out-of-place. Those of you who frequent this site, WHO has been warning you for years a crash is coming!? WHO has been saying for years the US is and has been in the eye of the storm of a stealth depression?! WHO for last two years has been warning people not to brag about the DOW hitting record highs because what goes up will come down to bite them in the ass!? ME that’s who! Crazy BMartin1776 has been one of the few among others like financial experts Peter Schiff, Harry Dent, Jim Richards, Danielle DiMartino, Jesse Colombo etc who have been saying the economy will come apart.

As for Pelosi and Schumer whining about Gen Mattis retiring, Secretaries of Defense resign when they don’t agree ideologically with the President. Mattis isn’t the first one to do this, and by now it shouldn’t be a surprise under the Trump admin to see someone go. Most Secretaries do not serve the entire term of a President, YES some do but under Trump it’s a whole new ball game boys and girls for better or worse. He runs the US like a corporation, if you don’t fly with the CEO then you’re out it’s that simple. Yours truly made the argument YEARS ago when Mitt Romney was running as to why we want a businessman in the Oval Office vs a politician. CEO’s are all about results. Politicians are all about getting along, making things appear to work, while they construct their next campaign agenda. One thing should be clear the US will be just fine, tomorrow, next week, next year and 6 years from now.

The only ones plunging the US in chaos are the unhinged obstructionist democrat party AND progressive republicans. The American people support Pres Trump in his stance to not back down on this issue. The dems and french republicans are making it clear they care more about illegal aliens ability to easily enter the US than protecting the homeland. They’re going to lose this one because We the People support a shutdown. Pelosi and Schumer think they’re going to hurt Trump by demonizing him have no idea it’s going to come back on them.

We elected Trump because of the games these career politicians play with out lives and money.