Outgoing Dem Goes on UNHINGED Tirade During Judiciary Hearing, Storms Off


Outgoing dem Congressman, Luis Gutierrez went on an unhinged tirade today, in what will be one of, if not, his final performances in Congress, during a Judiciary Committee hearing with DHS Sec Kirstjen Nielsen. This open borders lunatic started out more or less condemning Sec Nielsen for having no remorse, carrying on as he always has with untruths over the treatment of illegals, while launching an attack against Tucker Carlson taking his words out of context. He rambled on upset that SANE Americans prefer to say “Merry Christmas” vs “Happy Holidays” and then went on about the border wall making an INSANE connection with the birth of Christ, being thankful there was no wall preventing Mary and Joseph from escaping Herod’s Massacre of the Innocents, where he ordered all males 2yo and younger in Bethlehem to be killed.

Just as Nielsen began to respond to this absolute F’ing MONSTER, with a HORRIBLE overbite (can you tell I DO NOT like him?), stormed off because democrats HATE FACTS! Luis didn’t want to hear the truth because the truth no longer matters to the unhinged violent left. They act based on feelings, expecting you to be complicit to their feelings otherwise they go on vicious attacks like we witnessed here.

Luis Gutierrez is a communist who hid under the veil of a democrat for years while he did everything possible to destroy this country. He wants the US border left wide open for everyone to storm in, because he knows the uninformed feel it’s a wonderful humane thing to do. Deep down he knows that means votes = money, power and control. These commie radicals who call themselves Democrat Socialists don’t care about anyone but themselves, Gutierrez proved that here by berating this woman and then storming off. They’re incredibly dangerous, and God help us all if they ever get the kind of power they had during the first 2 years of obama’s reign of terror.

Good riddance Luis.