LA County’s New Sheriff Announces Plans to “Physically Remove ICE From County Jails”


Newly elected Los Angeles County Sheriff, Alex Villanueva, after being sworn in, briefly spoke at the LA County Board of Supervisors meeting announcing plans to comply with the Truth Act (Transparent Review of Unjust Transfers and Holds) and that ‘we [Sheriffs Dept] are going to physically remove ICE agents from the county jails’…. putting monsters on the streets of America.

CA, being a Sanctuary State, defying federal immigration law, is now taking broad steps to protect criminal illegal aliens. ICE agents at local jails are trying to protect US citizens from monsters who have no right to be in this country, where as the CA legislature sees it differently wanting to keep them here. So those of you in the democrat controlled media make sure you point that out the next time you have a Kate Steinle or Jamil Shaw Jr story in front of you.

Coinciding with this ban of ICE agents, the Sheriff then expanded on plans to also comply with a section of “Sanctuary State” Bill SB54 with regards to misdemeanors and felonies committed by illegals, where the Sheriff’s Dept will ‘pair the list down substantially’. In other words they’re not going to arrest and charge illegals with certain crimes; for example CA in general now lists theft of $950 or less a misdemeanor! use your imagination of the criminals they’ll be cutting loose on America’s streets.

In a nutshell CA is out of control, the leadership is acting like a country within the US doing as they please showing absolute disregard for US citizens. Americans are second class citizens, and if you are white, educated and conservative you are a third class citizen. CA being on the Mexican border is a gateway to illegals entering the US with their Sanctuary State status. People from all over the world enter the state and then fan out across America, including criminal illegal aliens this Sheriff has announced he will more or less cut loose after they physically remove ICE from the jails. How many killers will they cut loose? How many terrorists will they now pass up on who will move into YOUR neighborhood waiting for the opportunity to strike? This is a national security issue the state of CA cannot make decisions on. The DOJ should be sent in and arrests should be made under current US immigration laws for harboring aiding and assisting illegal.

CA bashers remember, what goes for CA eventually goes for the entire country. How many states and cities now designate themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens? You can be sure they will be mimicking CA and we’ll see Sheriff’s squaring off with ICE agents!