MSNBC Busted Using Obama Era Video to Attack Trump Admin


Surely by now you’ve heard the rage mob of the left going ballistic over video of a US Border Patrol agents dumping water left for illegal aliens to drink as they cross the desert into the US, pushed hard by MSNBC’s Joy Reid. What you’re not being told is this video footage is OLD, shot between Jan 2011 to Feb 2017 when obama was president and only a few weeks into Trump’s presidency.

MSNBC conveniently edited out the time stamps from Tucson, AZ based humanitarian-aid and migrant-advocacy group No More Deaths’, video titled Footage of Border Patrol Vandalism of Humanitarian Aid, 2010-2017. Trump had only been POTUS since Jan 2017 when the latter footage was shot, but clearly this BP policy of dumping water was in place BEFORE he took office.

This group leaving the water and supplies are breaking US immigration law aiding and assisting illegal aliens. Believe it or not, what the BP is doing is actually for the illegals on good because if the BP can find those jugs of water this easily so can those with evil intentions, capable of poisoning the water! That is most likely the main reason why the water is being dumped out, to avoid illegals from being poisoned. But you won’t hear Reid or anyone making this case because it sounds so absurd, “who would do such a thing”, it’s easier to attack racist, bigot Pres Trump that he just wants these people to die of dehydration than be in the US.

This is a classic example of fake news no one in the media is issuing a correction on, because they’re all in on it. Again, this was taking place when obama was in power but not one of these vids saw the light on day in social media or on tv, it’s only now under Trump the left cares.