Shep Smith Gets Obnoxious, Condescending to Catherine Herridge Over Hillary Comparisons to Gen Flynn


Catherine Herridge is one of the most respectable, credible, true journalists out there. She does not deserve to be treated so rudely by this arrogant, obnoxious LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT.


Where’s the original 302 Shep you deceptive PRICK? [NO I will not apologize for language I use.] Just so you all know, what Smith is reading IS NOT from FBI agent Joe Pientka’s 302 notes from his Jan 24, 2017 meeting with Flynn!

This is what Mueller cooked up (6 mos old) to send over to Judge Sullivan that is clear demonstration Mueller thinks he is above the law and answers to no one. Frankly what he has done to Flynn, and doing to others, should scare the living hell out of ALL Americans, democrats and republican. It’s shows a clear abuse of power by special counsel and again an above the law mentality. Democrats the pendulum swings both ways, this could happen to your candidate/ president too!

Smith and the rest of the leftist jerks on Fox News, which has clearly moved to center-left, are just as bad as the Deep State actors who have gone after Gen Flynn, to entrap him with the hopes he would roll on Pres Trump. The only reason the Clinton investigation is over Shep is because Comey and company, who have launched this witch hunt on Trump, Flynn and others, chose to cut her loose even though they know she broke federal laws. Smith’s pal, Judge Napolitano, used to make this fact clear as day, but now that Shep and Fox execs have him by the balls he’s pushing their leftist drivel.

I’ve said it repeatedly on this site and social media, there is NO fixing the problems this country is experiencing. The left is widening the divide created under 8 years of obama. They have ZERO interest with bringing this country together, and the media is really responsible for a lot of it. Shep’s behavior toward Herridge is proof of that. Catherine is doing her job, making a legitimate comparison, but this monster doesn’t want to hear any of it, thus his condescending attitude. A Reset is coming and frankly needed at this point.