Obama Sends Out Reminder to Enroll in Obamacare After Fed Judge Rules It Unconstitutional


In an attempt of desperation to stay relevant, and hold on to what’s left of his “legacy”, barack hussein obama tweeted out a reminder that today is the last day for open enrollment in HIS signature piece of legislation, obamacare. You know the law that passed literally in the middle of the night Christmas Eve 2009, the last time Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House! Included in the tweet was a longer message addressing the “Affordable” Care Act’s future, following TX US District Judge Reed O’Connor’s ruling it is unconstitutional, reassuring his minions the law is still in effect where it will take months even years battling out the ruling.

You can be sure barry will have his best attorneys and lackeys in DC (Deep State loyalists) doing everything possible to get this decision overturned in the 9th Circuit Court to give the Judge and Pres Trump a big FU until it then gets in front of the Supreme Court, where once again they will bet all their chips on Chief Justice Roberts SCREWING the country over for a second time.

The fact that this law is a nightmare economically, where every promise made were lies from keeping your plan, doctor and being affordable do not matter to this progressive (aka closet communist) and his ilk. obama knows his pals in the democrat party will use every measure and loophole to get 0-care reinstated, when they are officially running the House in a month. They will find a way to reinstitute the mandate and force this terrible law NO ONE asked for on the American people. The left doesn’t care about you, they want control over your life that this obamination of a law guaranteed for them.

Just think we wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for that lousy, miserable, vindictive John McCain. He violated a campaign promise, in which he took money in exchange for voter support, that he would vote to repeal obamacare. When he thumbed down indicating a NO vote he was not only giving Pres Trump the middle finger but every single American, and IMO that was his way of saluting obama and the dem party. One last lick before he left DC as his battle with cancer was coming to an end.