7Yr Old Guatemalan Girl Hauled 2K Miles, by UNPREPARED Father, Dies Shortly After Illegally Entering US. Left Blames Border Patrol & Trump


Words matter. That lengthy header is the truth of a story that has spread like wildfire on social media and of course network news. The left as usual has crafted propaganda to push the narrative that this poor girl, Jakelin Caal Maquin from Guatemala, fell ill AFTER being under Border Patrol custody, and then sadly died from severe dehydration.

The truth of the matter is Jakelin’s father (where’s mom?) made the decision to be pawns of open borders activists where he hauled her over 2K miles unprepared for the harsh journey at the least for not bringing enough water! By the time Jakelin and her father reached the US-Mexico border she was severely dehydrated, symptoms allegedly were not showing. After illegally entering the US in a remote area the two, along with 160 others, were apprehended by US Border Agents. While in custody, for approx 8 hours at a facility not staffed with medical personnel, Border Agents were alerted of Jakelin’s condition around 5 am and she was given medical attention at 6:30am and then airlifted to medical facility, but attempts to save her failed. What’s key to understand here is you don’t die from being dehydrated for a few hours. It takes days to die from dehydration, approx 5-8 depending on the situation. If anyone is to blame it is her father for dragging her across the desert unprepared.

That is the gist of it, but do you hear that from Hillary Clinton, Rep Joe Kennedy, Alyssa Milano and the never-ending conga-line of leftists politicizing her death?

NO. What you’re hearing instead is about the “humanitarian crisis” on the border and how “we must do something”. The left blames the Border Patrol and Pres Trump for the crisis and Jakelin’s death, but they weren’t the ones who told her father to drag her 2K miles from Guatemala. They’re not responsible for her father being unprepared to care for his own child. They DID NOT create a humanitarian crisis, where children and adults are getting severely ill from lack of food and water.

The truth of the matter is Clinton, Kennedy, Milano, and the rest of the open borders activists created this problem. They want bodies found in the desert, floating in the Rio Grande and most definitely under US custody. They want that shock value to attack Pres Trump, the GOP, their supporters to advance their agenda for amnesty, an open border, stopping the construction of the border wall which results in votes for democrats, because they equal money, power, and control over all of us!

You’ll never see any of these bleeding heart liberals cross the border bringing food and water to the migrants begging them to not make the dangerous journey across the border. You’ll never see any of them offering to house illegal aliens in their own homes, feeding, clothing, providing medical care, educating and spending money. They are hypocrites of the highest order, pro-illegal immigration so long as they don’t have to spend a dime of their own money or have anyone setting up camp in their yards!