Tijuana Delegate Blasts Migrant Caravan Causing Chaos, Breaking Into Homes

Democrats tell us all the time undocumented immigrants are not a detriment to the US but a benefit who will help boost our economy. Okay well Tucker Carlson interviewed Tijuana delegate, Genaro Lopez, to find out how well Mexico is doing with these “migrants”. As any sane person would expect these “migrants” (illegal aliens) have done nothing for Mexico, but create chaos! Lopez and many Mexicans in fact feel and say the same things Americans have been saying, making you wonder are the Mexicans now racists and bigots because they don’t want these people in their country!?

Blocking and living on streets, public intoxication, dumping trash everywhere, violence, theft and breaking into homes is what these “migrants” have brought to Tijuana as Lopez explains, pointing out there’s been 280+ arrests! The Mexicans want them out of the country but you would never know that as the corrupt democrat party controlled media dare not report the truth. You will never see Lopez on CNN or CBS News discussing how homes are being broken into or any of the chaos the “migrants” are causing.

As Carlson’s show ended, he added an update that while Lopez spoke live on air “migrants” were hopping a wall, on his friends property that is on the border, illegally entering the US! These people are not the best and brightest Honduras or any other nation has to offer America. These illegal aliens are welfare seekers looking to get as much as they can courtesy of American taxpayers no thanks to the bait the democrats have thrown out for years drawing them here in droves!