Pelosi Willing To Keep “Govt Closed Forever” Before Funding Border Wall

Nancy Pelosi makes it clear during a presser she is willing to keep the govt closed forever before funding the border wall. She then explains the cost of a shutdown to the nations economy, that it costs billions. With that in mind Pelosi is willing to do that kind of damage to the country on an issue of national security.

Democrats like to argue against the border wall invoking race and bigotry, they never acknowledged the threats. Drugs, guns, criminals, gang members, sex workers and child traffickers and terrorists are all right across out border. Dems don’t care, it’s ll about optics, and when your party control the media it become all about the President, GOP and their supporters being racists, bigots showing no humanity towards people who just want a better life! They’re also saying to hell with Americans who are down out, unemployed, living in poverty and homeless. Dems care more about illegal aliens than US citizens because of the potential illegals in the US pose to change our demographics which effects our elections. As always their interests lie within money, power and control.

Sadly the GOP, and POTUS honestly, FAIL to get that message across to the people of America as well as those trying to get into the US!

What Nancy fails to understand is the American people fully support a #TrumpShutdown (hashtag trending on social media). She and her party of confederate democrats seem to think this name calling will hurt POTUS but he is prepared to own it, and we support him on it! This is what and who we voted for, Pelosi and DC elitists fail to realize. We voted for border security and a wall MANY democrats supported and voted for many years back. When did their opinions change on the issue, when Trump got elected vowing to do it? Or when they realized Americans are tired of the party, many dems are walking away from the party having enough of their hate and anti-Americanism?!

Go ahead Nancy shut it down forever, you’ll be doing us a favor. And you can take your scare tactics and shove them too. All essential govt programs, and agencies are funded and will continue to be paid.