Migrants Demand Entry Into the US or Be Paid $50,000 in Reparations to Go Home!

Migrants, who are frankly illegal aliens in Mexico right now, have become quite emboldened since they started their plight, invading a sovereign nation (Mexico) with the intentions of invading another sovereign nation (USA). They are demanding a halt in deportations, immediate entry into the US now or the US govt (aka YOU the taxpayer) pay them $50,000 EACH to go home!

To make matters worse one of the Soros funded ringleaders, Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa, of the invasion force from Honduras said “it is a small sum compared to everything the United States has stolen from Honduras!” What could this country possibly have Americans would want to steal!! Correct me if I’m wrong, that is a pack of Hondurans at the border of the US trying to get in, NOT Americans trying to enter Honduras!!

Let’s be brutally honest, these “migrants” have nothing and offer nothing to America. They will in fact be a burden than give any help. We have 10’s of thousands of Americans, many veterans, living on the streets who deserve that money before any Honduran. Thank GOD POTUS is sticking to his guns upholding US immigration laws, not allowing them to just bum-rush the border en masse. If Hillary were POTUS, they would already be on our streets and we would be arguing over how they’re being treated far better than a Americans living on the streets.

Trump should send more troops to the border in response to these demands with a note delivered to the invaders simply saying “Nuts“.