Rep Schiff Going After Trump’s Phone Records to Prove Money Laundering


Rep Adam Schiff is absolutely desperate to find anything he can to pin on Pres Trump with the hopes of removing POTUS from office. This is the same Schiff who was adamant there was “ample” and “plenty of evidence” of collusion between Trump and the Russians, to help him win the election. Yet to date he has delivered NOTHING, those charged with crimes in the Mueller probe are over process crimes, tax evasion and the like but NO charges of collusion.

You would think by now, after making a fool of himself, especially after Comey admitted the dossier used to acquire FISA warrants was never vetted, Schiff would give up on this scheme to oust Trump. Nope. The future chair of the House Intelligence Committee will take things to a new level and is pivoting from collusion to money laundering when he takes over!

Trump is definitely rough around the edges, but he is what the people voted for. The man is not stupid, he wouldn’t do anything that is illegal to jeopardize his company, his children are running, or his future. Schiff’s desperation is the desperation of the democrat party, leftists and the resist movement who cannot get over queen Hillary losing an election.

Collusion [not a crime], money laundering, campaign finance violations whatever the dems can cook up they will continue this silent coup. They do not care about the damage they’re doing to the country. All they care about is getting power back, going back to the good old days of when they had a socialist/ marxist [obama] in the White House, to ruin our lives while they enrich themselves.

Elections have consequences. This is what happens when spiteful GOP voters sit home election day.