Oval Office Brawl! Trump Battles Pelosi and Schumer Over Border Security


There was so much good in this meeting between President Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, as VP Pence looked on!

The three battled over the border security where it was made abundantly clear the democrats have zero interest in protecting America. They care more about the benefits of illegals getting into the US than keeping the criminals, terrorists, illegal arms and drugs, disease etc out of our country.


The biggest act of hypocrisy was when Nancy Pelosi carried on that this Congress, under her leadership, will be the most transparent, yet she did not want this meeting with the President on camera! Does she think before she speaks? No.*

Chuck Schumer made a fool of himself denying he was responsible for the last govt shutdown, yet he himself has taken credit for it and was praised for the act! Trump took all his power away be saying he we take full credit for a govt shutdown.

Do Not fall for the left’s scare tactics on this issue, it’s really a nothing burger as most programs are already funded and the govt shuts down every weekend and holiday!
Mark Levin Explains Threats of Government Shutdowns Are Scare Tactics

Democrats #1 priority is doing everything they can to make things easy for illegal aliens while making life hell for US citizens. They know illegals change US demographics which means more Representatives will be added to Congress, as well as state legislatures. That means democrat power grabs to do to the US what they did to California! They let all the illegals into CA, and because of population growth dems rose in power after redistricting. CA is the blueprint democrats want to use for America to get to one party rule. The state now under permanent democrat rule is lost, republicans will never hold majority power in the legislature let alone the governor’s seat! The President sees this, he’s trying to stop the influx of illegals while protecting the US and shutting the dems destructive plans for American down.

*In all seriousness Pelosi, the future Speaker and third in line for the Presidency, is more than likely heavily medicated IMO to suppress the early onset of dementia. You can tell when Nancy’s meds are low because she mumbles, confuses words/names, rambles incoherently etc. The tape is out there, see for yourself, there is something seriously wrong with her.