Fmr DNC Chair Claims Schumer Shutdown Gave Dems “Momentum”

Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz came out of the hole she’s been hiding in, over the Awan IT scandal, to defend the Schumer shutdown, where her defense was so absurd it even stunned CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.

When asked what one thing the dems got from the republicans for shutting the govt down DWS responded, “The one thing I would say that he did get is the potential for momentum.”

Potential for momentum on what exactly? Demonstrating to the entire world the democrat party cares more about illegal aliens than US citizens. That they put the needs of the US military and healthcare for children behind illegal aliens who have no rights making demands?! The dems truly think they gained political points with this stunt they pulled. Watch when midterm elections heat up all you’ll hear and see are claims abot the Trump Shutdown and demonization of republicans because they don’t care about the DREAMer kids… well of course they don’t most are in mid 20’s now. Better point to be made is dems don’t care about American kids! All the they’ve done is anger millions of Americans, including many democrats! We’ll remember come election day.

What you have here by DWS is another classic example of paranoid delusion.

Side note: DWS should not be making appearances with the corruption she’s involved with compromising House servers. She’s so arrogant she thinks we’ve all forgotten about the Awans hacking DC with her help.