Watch! Fmr US Atty Says Truth Coming Out About Obama Admin’s Brazen Plot to Exonerate Hillary and Frame Trump

Fmr US Attorney Joe di Genova broke down all the facts as we know them to date, explaining how the corrupt obama DOJ/ FBI have been working to exonerate Hillary Clinton, with regards to the email scandal, and Frame Donald Trump for “colluding” with the Russians.

Right from the start this quest to destroy Trump was doomed as collusion is not a crime. But what Hillary has done with the mishandling of sensitive documents is, per 18 U.S. Code ยง 793(f) [Espionage Act]. Factor in her dealings with Fusion GPS, Steele Dossier etc her collusion led to conspiracy (you’ve been hearing about for a while now) which is against the law!!

Yes we know obama is no longer POTUS, but at the time this attempt to frame Trump began he was president and loyalists to him still exist, holding high-level govt positions within the DOJ & FBI to this day. For those who go on the attack in defense of this soft coup stating the people involved are “republican”,  NO ONE CARES! So is Jeff Flake, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins and many others. Party affiliation means just about nothing anymore, as the majority in Congress are progressive, their messaging is different but end goals are the same. Even though he has passed, Arlen Spector is the shining example of a two-faced politician. He at least had the balls to change party from republican to democrat unlike the progressive RINO’s we have today. So when you hear people say, “Mueller/ Rosenstein/ James Comey etc are republicans” it’s meaningless.

These people are progressives, who are hell-bent keeping things in govt status quo. Trump is a threat to obama but also all of them because he is dismantling what has been in place for far too long. Clinton being elected meant business as usual carries on, but with Trump forget it.

So as diGenova explains they have to conjure up a fake story to frame Trump and stop him. The dems never in a million years believed he would win, so they were sloppy with their conspiracy. They figured “Hillary wins and we’re protected” indefinitely, but that didn’t happen. Now the truth is slowly coming to light proving Hillary is a walking unindicted felon and soon the dominoes will begin to fall… or will they?! Remember Comey confirmed in July 2016 the US is a Banana Republic when he cut Clinton loose, all of which has been confirmed now. They knew she was guilty but changed language to let her walk. We will have to just wait and see what happens now as more evidence and people come out.

Regardless of who and when, this all should scare the hell out of people on two levels:
The first is because there is a clear cover-up of illegal activity by govt officials who are also engaged in an ongoing soft coup against the President of the United States!

The second was perfectly laid out by Dana Loesch “If you’re not scared that you had a losing candidate [Hillary Clinton], who tried to conspire with a foreign government, literally paid a dude [Christopher Steele] to go to Russia and meet with Kremlin operatives and then use that to substantiate surveillance on a private citizen.. you should be scared to death! That’s here in the United States of America…”

Buckle up people, SHTF sooner or later the closer anyone gets to the truth. The last thing the Left wants is for everything the Right has been saying to be true. That’s why they’re working so hard to keep a memo over the abuse, within the DOJ and FISA court from seeing the light of day, you’ve been hearing many repubs speaking about going as far to say heads will roll, people will lose their jobs and some will go to jail!