Dem Rep Luis Gutierrez: Free DREAMers, We’ll Build the Wall

Is Luis Gutierrez caving to Trump? Don’t buy his “A brick for lives? Okay. Let’s do it.” for one second. Democrats will never agree to building the border wall because they all think the same exact way as Gutierrez, that the wall is offensive and waste of money. Furthermore, this is the same BS that was pulled in 1986 with Reagan, where he was promised there would be border security in exchange for amnesty, but it never happened. Look at what they just did, the dems in the Senate, led by Chuck Schumer, shut the govt down over DACA which is a non-issue right now vs funding the military and healthcare for children!

The Wall goes up first, with no conditions. Dems do not care about national security, and this trade Gutierrez is suggesting won’t be limited to 800K DREAMers aka illegal aliens. As reported earlier this week, the number will be closer to 3.6M, just enough to change voting demographics and swing every single election… permanently for democrats. The democrats master plan is to have one party rule in America. It’s already been proven in California, which is now under permanent one party rule. If Trump and the GOP bend 1mm on illegal immigration dems will eventually get what they want.

After shutting the govt down, refusing to fund the military and CHIP, because dems care more about illegals, the line must be drawn. There should be no deals made on immigration. Anyone in the GOP chiming in, in favor of making a deal for amnesty MUST be primaried and run out of office. Democrats only want illegals granted amnesty so they can seize power and control over all of us. They admitted it when a memo leaked out from fmr Clinton advisor Jennifer Palmieri was made public.

NO DACA, NO amnesty.

These 10 conditions are must on immigration or all bets are off.