Sen Schumer Takes Victory Lap For Shutting Govt Down

Sen Chuck Schumer who orchestrated the govt shutdown took a victory lap after the Senate failed to pass the continuing resolution (CR). In typical fashion he put the blame on the GOP suggesting the majority they hold should’ve had the votes to pass the CR. What he left out was the CR requires 60 votes, where there are only 51 republicans in the Senate. At least 9 democrats would have had to vote for the CR but the democrats stopped it because they think granting amnesty to illegal aliens supersedes the funding for the US military, veterans, Children’s Health Insurance Program(CHIP), and American citizens in general.

The democrats have made it official, Americans are a second class citizens to illegal aliens. There was no need to do this, as there is plenty of time to deal with DACA. Aside from its deadline in March, the recent district court ruling actually extended that deadline! This CR was more or less about funding the basics but democrats led by Schumer wanted to add immigration to it, as he states, to it causing discourse.

The dems have in fact thrown gasoline on a fire over the division that already exists in this country. There will be more resistance and resentment towards illegal aliens because of the selfish actions of the democrat party who only pander to minorities as a whole for votes to secure their seats of power.

Have your shutdown Chuck, govt agencies have reserve funds to operate. You and your party have crossed a line that there is no turning back now. You want a fight you got it.