CNN’s Acosta Gets SCHOOLED By OMB Director Mulvaney as Schumer Shutdown Approaches

While it’s not a surprise to see Jim Acosta get schooled there is a larger issue at play here. Acosta represents all of the corrupt media pushing lies to blame the GOP for the soon to be govt shutdown. Name the network, they were all using the same exact language “The GOP has majority in the House, Senate and has the White House, how can a shutdown occur?” The key fact they leave out is, as OMB Dir Mulvaney points out, in order to pass the continuing resolution (CR) you must have 60 votes in the Senate.

Ok so let’s have math class for those who don’t get it:
There are 51 Republicans(R) and 49 Democrats(D) in the Senate.
You need 60 votes to pass CR.
To get to 60 at least 9 Democrats would have to vote with Republicans:
51(R) + 9(D) = 60!

That said how is it the govt shutdown (which is a nothing burger, scare tactics by the Left and media) is the GOP’s fault? The democrats are holding funding to the military, CHIP and other agencies hostage to get amnesty for illegal aliens (aka DREAMers). The GOP should welcome the shutdown because democrats are running to cameras making it clear they are acting out over DACA which is not a funding issue and furthermore, read this loud and clear, THEY HAVE NO BILL to vote on! There is no DACA bill!

Btw today is Friday, the govt always shuts down around 4-5pm until 8-9am the following Monday! The govt shuts down everyday at 4-5pm and reopens the following morning 8-9am! The govt also shuts down on federal holidays.. we’re all still here and frankly if it wasn’t for the media and their countdown clocks no one would know otherwise if it happened! Life will go on and as Mulvaney points out in this presser, all the agencies have reserve funds they will tap to keep the doors and lights open unlike obama who dramatized weaponized it by having barricades put up at outdoor monuments and the like.

Acosta, SHITHOLE CNN and the rest of the media can point fingers all they want, but facts are facts dems own it, this is the Schumer Shutdown!