Billionaire Climate Change Advocate Says “The Time for Politeness is Over”


Leftists are growing more desperate by the day being led by hardcore radicals like Billionaire climate change advocate Tom Steyer. No one is buying this climate change cult’s nonsense, so what’s their new plan? Per Steyer’s words it would appear he is taking a page directly from Maxine Waters’ playbook to harass, intimidate and if necessary get violent without directly saying it…

“We lead with justice not with climate, and so when we look about what’s gonna happen in 2020, we are going to have to crush these people, … You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.”

The French people have wised up to this hoax, setting Paris ablaze over the fake science. Guys like Steyer and his ilk must be squashed before they cause the same kind of chaos in America. Again he is using the same language and psychology Maxine Waters used to intimidate opposition. In their minds if people won’t comply with the their agenda then “we’ll” make them comply.

Leftists are mentally deranged, they care more about plants, trees (esp dead ones that start massive fires), infinitesimal insects and other lifeforms than human beings! Don’t care how that statement comes off either. Of course Normal Americans want clean air, water etc but we’re not insane to the degree of sacrificing human lives over a tree! These monsters would have more credibility if they were going after China, India and the other big polluters, but it is the US treated as the bad guy.

The Earth is billions of years old, enduring countless strikes from asteroids, meteors, plagues, viruses etc yet we’re to believe, per the modern-day Flat-Earthers, that the Earth is quite frail where man has the ability to destroy the climate in approx 100 years!? And what is their solution to stop the end of the world for the umpteenth time? Destructive regulations backed with fees and TAXES to maybe lower the temperature 1/2 a degree in about 100 years. How will taxing people and companies out of business going to save the planet? This cult demands we accept their cooked up science on the climate, which has proven to be flawed, while the same people also support the LGBTQ community DENYING the science that people are born as man or woman! Selective science is not final, this is about wealth redistribution and shift in the balance of power and control over all people by weaponizing the climate.