Maxine Waters Goes on Tirade: Trump’s A Criminal, Impeachment Should Be Started


The unofficial leader of the democrat party, Rep Maxine Waters, as expected following Mueller investigation memos release on Cohen and Manafort, said Trump’s impeachment should be started, “..we cannot continue with a president who lies… This criminal must be brought up by the Congress of the US for impeachment.”

Take note during this entire segment not once does Waters spell out any law that has been broken, instead she jumps to calling Trump a criminal over the actions of his fmr attorney Michael Cohen and brief campaign mgr Paul Manafort.

(Full segment)


Democrats are masters of propaganda, by just saying untrue things over and over again they become fact. “Collusion” is a shining example of this. We’ve heard about it day after day, the media talks about it Ad nauseam yet not one piece of evidence has ever been produced and more importantly they keep quiet on the fact collision is not a crime!!

It is not a crime to consider or do business in Russia.
It is not a crime to pay someone off, with your own money, to keep their mouth shut on personal issues.
It is not a crime to finance your campaign with your own money.
It is not a crime to speak with anyone who can provide information on one’s opponent to gain an upper-hand on them. (By the way this is called opposition research, it’s the same exact thing the DNC and Hillary Clinton were engaged in that produced the infamous dossier which spurned the Mueller investigation!)

No one on the left can produce any laws actually broken, they create crimes out of thin air and immediately jump to convicting an individual, be it a male college student who looked at a female wrong to Pres Trump, and everyone in between.

Democrats are mentally unstable, and very dangerous because of the influence they have on millions. Go ahead go ask a democrat who hates Trump to explain the laws he broke. They won’t be able to do it, they’ll run through leftist talking points and moment you corner them they’ll attack you verbally if not physically. Waters knows this which is why she called for leftists to get in people’s faces months ago, to install fear and silence anyone who opposes the them. Now is the time to get quite loud and not bow down to these leftist bullies. Let them try to impeach Trump, it won’t get passed the Senate.