Feminist Melts Down Over MAGA Hat at LA Women’s March


The left is doing a heck of job proving everything said about liberalism being a mental disorder is true, especially when they get triggered from the sight of a MAGA hat like this feminist did, at the LA Women’s March!

If you can’t handle the sight of hat you should seek psychiatric help immediately! What the hell is with leftists and their fears of inanimate objects, so much so they will meltdown or assault someone?

How can a hat represent racism if minorities who support Pres Trump, like David Harris Jr, proudly wear them? Is he an Uncle Tom now?

This nut even confirms leftists act on emotions vs facts, claiming emotions are facts!?

This country is in a lot of trouble when you have one side acting on logic and reason and the other throwing hissy fits over how an inanimate object makes them feel.