Dem Rep: ‘It’s Pretty Clear’ Trump is a Russian Agent ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’


CA Rep Eric Swalwell cannot contain the hate he has for President Trump that he is now making things up to stay relevant and keep the democrats dream of Russian collusion alive. There has been no indication from the Mueller probe to any of the insane claims being made, what Swalwell is doing is pivoting to a new narrative because the left’s goal is to get Trump at any cost.

Not a big fan of Margaret Hoover’s (fmr Pres Herbert Hoover’s great grand-daughter) but she does a good job shooting holes in Swalwell’s insane accusations against the President of the United States. He pulled this proof is right there in the open in 2018 citing Trump’s campaign speech in 2018 sarcastically calling on Russia to get Hillary’s emails as proof of collusion during a Tucker Carlson interview.

Where was Swalwell when Putin was engaged in all kinds of anti-American activity including interfering with our election when obama was Pres? WE have tons of instances where obama bowed down to Putin in the same way Swalwell is arguing against Trump! If you recall the fmr pres even told Putin to knock it off for the cameras! Since obama really did nothing and was also caught on hot mic asking telling Medvedev he’ll have “more flexibility” doesn’t that make him a Russian agent as well!? It’s the same difference.

One story after another is concocted with the hopes this will be the one that get’s him. Remember they had him with Stormy Daniels, then it was Omarosa has the goods on him. The left is becoming more desperate by the day and that makes them more dangerous. They’re demonstrating they’ll do anything to remove Trump from office and this only amps up their supporters. As pointed out here many times, this is the type of rhetoric that got us Alexandria. What should concern everyone is the rhetoric now is far worse than is was leading up to the attack in 2017… we’re going on 2.5-3 years of this trash. Sooner or later this powder-keg is going to go off….