Here’s the DHS Secretary’s Border Briefing Schumer & Pelosi Shut Down


Democrat leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi shut down DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen when she began to brief them during a White House meeting with Pres Trump and GOP leaders to end the govt shutdown over an impasse on border security. Later in the day, during the the first Cabinet meeting of the year, Nielsen shared the data the dems don’t want heard because the truth hurts when it comes to the border and illegal immigration.

Facts no longer matter to the democrats on just about every issue, especially border security. They are driven by pure emotion and feelings and the response of their followers. Most dem supporters don’t know half of what is going on, they go by what they hear believing it all including lies like walls don’t work.

As Sec Nielsen outlines, the border is not secure and there is a legitimate threat to national security. Normal Americans standing by Pres Trump for a wall/ fences/ barriers to be built intentions have nothing to with race or bigotry. It’s about putting a stop to the drugs, guns, criminals, gang members, terrorists, sex workers and other human trafficking. Democrats claim they’re concerned about the opioid epidemic, want to put a stop to illegal weapons and want border security yet to this day have yet to spell out what their plan is. Instead all we hear is them saying a wall costs too much, is immoral and per their experts won’t work. Funny, they don’t seem to mind shoveling out money to other countries WHO HATE America for their security, gladly fund immoral programs like Planned Parenthood but more importantly NEVER name names as to who these experts are that say the wall won’t work!

Fox News parades out Border Patrol leaders who are on the border almost daily, all of whom say walls/ barriers/ fences work. Yet the democrats say otherwise never producing any of these so-called experts, you know why? They have no experts who actually work on the border, they have political activists, academics making this conclusion, a lie really, they push everyday because as you know if you tell a lie over and over again eventually it becomes fact!

The US border is not secure. Democrats do not care about national security, all they see is the potential illegal aliens pose in growing their power over this country because it has worked in California. The dems want to do what was done to CA to the entire nation and that cannot be allowed. Many states are already on their way where the best way to stop it is to stop the flow of illegals. Locking down the border with whatever, be it a wall, fence or barrier of some type is the only way to do this. Walls DO work, the left just doesn’t want to admit it because they know what will happen.