Mr Guam Might Tip Over Goes on Tirade Trashing Trump, GOP and Supporters


Hank Johnson aside from being one of the dumbest SOB’s to ever hold political office is doing his part to ensure this nation remains permanently divided. The fool who actually questioned whether Guam would tip over, from too many people being on one side, was speaking at the NAACP’s 2019 Jubilee Day celebration going on a prepared tirade trashing Pres Trump, the GOP and their supporters.

In typical progressive fashion he continued the lie that is literally fueling assaults against Trump supporters by pushing the comparison of Trump and the GOP to hitler and the nazis, over what’s going on with immigration and putting America first.

This United States Congressman attacked Trump’s followers as old, poor, ‘dying from alcoholism, drug overdoses, liver disease, or simply a broken heart.’ That’s what this man thinks of you. This is how the entire left sees 63 million Americans who didn’t vote for the unindicted felon.

And where would we be without this SOB invoking the race card? While discussing the Travel Ban which is 100% legal Johnson made another WW2 comparison, that was quite inaccurate.   

If this guy had 2 brain cells to rub together he would know FDR was a democrat who rounded up Japanese Americans as well as Germans and Italians putting them in camps! So in effect that would be members from his party who would have been rounding up all the ‘oriental people … because the all look the same’!

Facts no longer matter to the unhinged left. They act off of feelings and emotions. Speeches like this so profoundly inaccurate and blatantly untrue is the equivalent of throwing gasoline on a fire. There is no coming back from it either as democrats, like Johnson, know exactly what they’re doing. They are hoping they can create enough rage and hate it will fill their campaign coffers to propel them to more power and control in the next election.